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Beside helping people secure financing, this Model also designs to help Four Group of People saving time and money: Home buyer, Sell By Owner, Renter, and Realtor.
First, we offer homes buyers and renters a big opportunity to save time and money by providing them a diverse homes inventory that are available all over the US Market. Our inventory is being updated daily, so customers can connect more quickly, efficiently, and effectively with the owners and the Realtors.
Second, we save Realtors, as well as individuals selling their homes, often called “Sell by Owners,” time and money by listing their Homes for free on the BigBrotherinvestments.com marketplace. From here, everyone is able to connect to each other, in the most effective and efficient ways possible to make deals happen.
Third, we design this site to assist entrepreneurs and individuals to understand more than ever, the value and importance of personal and business credit in wealth building in this country. From this site, they will know what is available for them, how to get access to the credit marketplace, and why the credit information is very important for them to get access to when it comes to strengthening their personal and their Business Credit, in order to leveraging their business, so Cash can be available to invest into their respective businesses or Projects.
Fourth, to assist people putting the “Right Financing” together for their Deals. Financing Companies and Lenders are ready to work with them, regardless of their “Credit Profile.” These companies are ready to assist residential buyers, Commercial Buyers, and Investors putting the financing in place for their deals. Our network of very qualified, trustworthy, and eager to help lenders, standing tall, ready to get the single mom or young family looking to get into his or her “First Home” to get qualified as quickly as possible. Also, new or very experienced investors don’t have to worry about putting off the closing of their next “Big Deals” because of financing. If Buyers don’t have the required credit or down payment needed to close their deals, we have the people ready to work with them and show them what to do in order to make deals done. Please, visit our website in the Financing Available Section at  bigbrotherinvestments.com or email us: info@bigbrotherinvestments.com or call 1-800-439-9098 to speak with one of our wonderful team members.Fifth, to become a big help to “Desperate Sellers.” We define “Desperate Sellers,” first, as “Sellers,” who have a “Residential House” or “Commercial Building” in the market for a very extended and Long period in the market and want to get rid of this property. This seller wants his or her cash to invest in  “Different Projects,” but can’t find a buyer quickly enough to make the deal done. From now on, we want to let these sellers know that will happen: “No More.”  You will never have this problem again. We are here to assist you; please, just pick up the phone or send us an e-mail, explaining how urgent your deal is, and our team will get to you in less than 24 hours to gather all the information from you, and then provide you a guaranteed writing offers in less than 72 hours.  You can call us at 1-800-439-9098 or E-mail us: info@bigbrotherinvestments.com.
Furthermore, there is a second category of sellers that we call “Desperate Sellers.”This category of sellers need to sell right away, because of a new job, military deployment, or move out of Town for family reasons, divorced, and new business opportunities. Listen up, please: “before, you could get worried, but now with Bigbrotherinvestments.com, you don’t have to worry; you have options.
Just pick up your phone and call us at 1-800-439-9098 or e-mail us: info@bigbrotherinvestments.com. In less than 24 hours, you will hear from one of our “Team Members” to collect all the required information to finalize an offer for you in less than 72 hours. Our team of experts will have guaranteed offers for you. Please, remove stress and let Bigbrotherinvestments.com work for you in the most, honest, sincere, efficient, and effective way. We are here to serve.